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How Louis CK Inspired IPY


For the last few months I’ve been wanting to test the waters on something that I’ve been greatly inspired by. Louis CK is one of the most popular stand up comedians today.  Being on the frontier of his craft he decided to release his show himself for $5.  He priced himself lower than other comedians because it kept it simple and it gave the most to his audience.  It was a huge success!

I feel the same about yoga, no matter where you go it’s $15 a class just because that is what the status quo has defended.  When I started IPY I didn’t have a business plan, but I did have the vision of keeping it simple and adding as much quality as possible.

So lets try this from May 20th to the last day of August classes are $10 and you can buy packets in 1, 5, and 10.   Also, if you pay monthly I will keep it at $75 so if you come just twice a week you’ll be getting a deal.

New Schedule

As of May 17th we are going to have classes Monday-Friday for two reasons.

1. I’m going to have a little girl this summer so I’m going to take some time with the family.

2. I’m working on setting up a teacher training program and I need the time to develop it so it is the most amazing teacher training available.

If you were a weekend warrior don’t worry, we will still have fun events that include guest teachers, slacklining, paddle board yoga, yoga outside, and acro yoga. If you pay monthly you can switch to the packages but if you like monthly you only have to come twice a week to get the full value and I will also give you a discount on all upcoming events.  Plus, when I do add more classes your price won’t change.

Thank You for joining me on this journey I look forward to seeing you on the mat!.


baaed3718d1b4b0e996660945e5b9fd6_1_20/20 Yoga Practice starts May 20th.  We will practice 20 minutes of yoga, meditation, or whatever brings you bliss for 20 days. Each day we encourage you to practice, live big, and write down 1 thing you encountered in your yoga, meditation, or bliss activity. If you take a picture be sure to use the hashtag #2020yogapractice.

To support you through the journey HitPLAYyoga.com will give you 25% off your first month. HPY has yogacasts ranging anywhere from 20 minutes all the way upto 90 minutes just select Iowa Powered Yoga at registration and enter the promo code: HPYLIVE

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